Established in 2009, D-lish Perfumes has provided the South Pacific with timeless fragranced products and strives to continually offer quality and affordability side by side.

We also have the benefit of stocking new arrivals before they enter the market, at times being the only stockist of certain fragrances in New Zealand.

D-lish Perfumes oils are highly concentrated and are exceptional comparisons to the fragrances they represent. A small drop is all you need to obtain an all-day scent.

Each bottle contains 100% pure concentrated oil (no alcohol or water), and is crafted by skilled chemists who take their time to ensure our oils contain the right ingredients that amaze customers time after time.

A lot of people that are allergic to spray perfume such as; Eau de Parfum, Toilette and Cologne are not allergic to our oils because they do not contain alcohol, which is where the allergic reaction usually stems from.

Wearing D-lish Perfumes oils on your skin, allows you to experience the true fragrance the way it was meant to be.

You’re never fully dressed without D-lish!



DISCLAIMER: Our company has no affiliation, whatsoever, with any name brand fragrances mentioned on our website. We only mention the name brands on our site for comparison purposes only as stated in the disclaimer message.


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