D-lish Perfume Oil Sample Packs – New Scents!!

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$40.00$90.00 inc. GST

Never fully dressed without DLISH!

Our D-lish perfume sample packs contain a selection of 1ml  assorted perfumes.

Available in packs of 25  OR 50 women’s or men’s,  give you the chance to try different perfumes at a great price.



Tips for using your perfume samples

  • Try a new perfume sample everyday
  • Add to your home diffuser
  • Use a gift favours at a special event
  • At home perfume party with family or friends
  • Make a spray for your home or body

17 reviews for D-lish Perfume Oil Sample Packs – New Scents!!

  1. Maata (verified owner)

    Bought this for my daughter for so she could decide what she likes. I’ve used a couple too and love that they last long (I.e. all day at work!!!).

  2. Layla (verified owner)

    Purchased some samples for a work do and used them for the glad wrap game soo good! Ended up keeping some back for myself though cause I didnt wana share it, instead kept them for myself 🤣🤣 #dlishaddict

  3. Lill Hunt (verified owner)

    Love the samples but now i know what i want it is and has been out of stock.
    Please let me know when and if you are getting it back in please. D Lish Secrest – Pure Seduction

  4. Maraina Tamihana-Kuri (verified owner)

    definitely recommend the unisex samples!

  5. vilerey angell

    Totally love my 25 pack of unisex samples so many choice definitely different scent everyday…last longer i will never be going back to spray perfumes again best idea ever for rollers thank yous

  6. Alana (verified owner)

    The sample packs are awesome I purchased a unisex pack they all smell so good and the scent last long all day ♥️ Definitely will buy more

  7. Tahlia (verified owner)

    I got a dlish sample pack & unisex sample pack and they are exactly as they say, absolutely d-lish! I usually go after the same perfumes but after checking out a few different samples I’ve now got a couple new faves! Also the air fresheners are AMAZING! 😍

  8. Ella (verified owner)

    Highly recommend these cute Lil samples. They come with a handy Lil wand to apply and not get all over ya fingers. I have brought 2x sets so far. This store is highly addictive

  9. Vala (verified owner)

    Bought my sample box 4 weeks ago and absolutely love it, smells so amazing and long lasting.Such a good idea having these little samples, I highly recommend this product!!!

  10. Viv (verified owner)

    Its like Christmas opening your sample box! A new scent everyday and a great way to try new scents … my only problem is so far I love them all lol

  11. Cheys (verified owner)

    The box said it all and now I’m obsessed buying dlish perfumes , my go to place for when I need to smell good

  12. Mana’olana (verified owner)

    Purchased the designer sample pack. I’m really happy with the selection, smells amazing. Delivery was fast ordered 18th Oct arrived the day after in the morning. 😊

  13. Kayla Scott (verified owner)

    I bought these sample pack for me and my hubby just so we could get a few ideas of what we like and buy.there are whole bunch of them I like and on my way to order all mine and my hubby fav perfume plus an early mother day prezzy for myself aswell lolcan’t wait they all smell D-lish and yummy.it also came with some car scents aswell as a gift thank u so much now my car smell bomb and yummylicious as.i get alot of compliment of what my perfume I’m wearing can’t wait to order my next pack ❤ 😘

  14. Raquel Carr (verified owner)

    Pleasantly surprised! I ordered the designer pack. I own a few of the perfumes these are inspired by and looking for cheaper smell alikes the lines I own/know are spot on!!! Will be purchasing more, very happy 😊

  15. Yui (verified owner)

    OMG I cannot express how much I love these samples. Just blown away by the quality and value as well. Will 100% be ordering again. I have ordered from other perfume shops before and Dlish is hands down my favourite without competition.

  16. Kathy (verified owner)

    Only downside is I wish they were slightly bigger samples but nevertheless still amazing scent’s! Great money saver! A few favourites from trying the 25 womens set

  17. Taysha

    Got this for Christmas from my sister and I love it. You have a range of options to choose from for when you want to make a bigger order. Highly recommend! Also got the lip plump & gloss too. Love the gloss sooo much. I’m back for my next order 🙂

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