Vanilla Lovers Perfume Oils

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Vanilla Perfume Oil That We’re Obsessed With!

Vanilla Perfumes are an aphrodisiac with a proven ability to soothe, seduct and even increase arousal. 

  • Vanilla Lace
  • COMING SOON Caramelized Vanilla & Macadamia
  • NEW Bare Vanilla La Crème
  •  NEW Vanilla Sugar
  • Bare Vanilla Noir
  • Bare Vanilla Sunkissed
  • Bare Vanilla Decadent
  • Almond & Vanilla Milk
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Vanilla Quartz
  • Vanilla Mocha Creme
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This product is an oil-based concentration inspired by the original perfume. The perfume is presented in a classy 10ml glass bottle and is applied with a roller-cap.

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5 reviews for Vanilla Lovers Perfume Oils

  1. Kahurangi Tangira

    I have bare vanilla decadent, vanilla quartz & vanilla mocha crème. My fav one is bare vanilla decadent. So sweet and also a nice and strong scent. The mocha one is unreal!! Perfect name for it, exactly as described and perfect for coffee dates hehe.

  2. Jojo (verified owner)

    Vanilla Quartz and Bare Vanilla Noir will always be a top notch number 1 most complimented pure chocolate smell ever!

  3. Fiona ✰ (verified owner)

    Obsessed with Bare Vanilla Decadent ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  4. Fiona ✰ (verified owner)

    Bare Vanilla La Crème 🤩

    The perfect gourmand scent. It’s sweet, rich & creamy. It’s giving whipped vanilla cookies or cream pie. 🤤 I’d layer this up with other scents for that extra ✨oomph.✨

    This will leave you smelling divine.

  5. Tatiana

    Omg the whole vanilla range is to LIVE for 😍😍😍 there’s musky scents, sweet scents, floral vanilla scents and rich bitch scents 🤤
    They’re all unique and have their different take on vanilla, my personal favourite at the moment would be Vanilla Quartz and Vanilla Mocha Crème 😍😍 they are sooooo good!

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